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How to Find the Right Flashlight



When you want to buy a flashlight, you may not see a big difference in their sizes. Most LED flashlights in the market today are quite small. However, you may wonder why the flashlights are sold at different prices.


Inasmuch as the sizes of flashlights may be nearly the same, their performance may be different. Apart from this, the flashlights are usually made of different materials. The most common materials used to make the devices are aircraft grade aluminum, plastic and stainless steel.


In most cases, the price of a LED flashlight will be determined by its brightness. The brighter the beam that a flashlight can produce, the pricier it is bound to be. A tactical light with a brighter beam may be expensive due to use of advanced batteries, bulb and circuitry technology.


But it's not just brightness that determined the price of a flashlight. Other factors that can make the flashlight pricier include effective heat dissipation, strong impact-resistance, using a rechargeable battery, water-resistance capability and multiple lighting nodes.


Which Flashlight Should You Get?

To find the right flashlight for you, it's important to know what you plan to use the device for. This is because there are flashlights made for camping, dog walking, search and rescue, hunting, children and general purpose. You want a flashlight that is both durable and produces the amount of light needed for the activities you will be undertaking.


The brightness of flashlights is measured in lumens. The more the lumens, the more the brightness. For search and rescue operations, you will need a flashlight that can produce quite a bright light. For example, a flashlight that produces more than 1000 lumens will be ideal for this activity. For indoor use, you won't need a lot of brightness. Thus, you can go for a flashlight that produces about 10 to 20 lumens. To get more ideas on how to choose the best LED Flashlight, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQcsulA7o30.


Keep in mind that the amount of lumens produced will determine the price of the flashlight. The more expensive flashlights produce high amount of lumens.


Durability of the Flashlight

Durability is another thing you should consider when choosing a flashlight. Choose a flashlight made of durable materials. If you will be camping, you probably also want the flashlight to be water resistance. Check that the material used to make the flashlight will be able to withstand expected shocks it may encounter during use.


Follow the guide above to find the right flashlight. Click here to learn more.