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Tips for Choosing the Best Flashlight



The last few years have seen an increase in popularity of headlamps. However, flashlights still have their place. Flashlights are great in situations when a handheld device will be ideal. Such times include:


o             When signaling

o             When you need to set down a light to work on a task

o             When precision and dexterity in controlling the light is important

o             When you need the strongest possible portable beam


With advancements in LED technology, manufacturers have been able to come up with smaller and brighter flashlights. The flashlights use batteries that are efficient that those use a few years ago. These has also led to many types of LED flashlights here in the market.


You will come across LED flashlights in all manner of prices, sizes and brightness. How can you determine which flashlight will be suitable for you?


Know Your Choices

There are various key factors you should consider when evaluating a fenix flashlight. These factors are battery type and runtime, light output, size and weight.


You may find flashlights of the same size but that cost different prices. What leads to this difference in prices? One of the major factors that affects the price of flashlights is brightness. A pricier flashlight will be using an advance circuitry technology, battery and bulb. Other factors that can add up to the cost include multiple lighting modes, effective heat dissipation, strong impact- and water-resistance, and a rechargeable battery. You can also learn more tips on where to find the best LED Flashlight, just visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flashlight#Etymology.


If you are shopping for a flashlight in person, consider the following:


o             Will you need a specific tool to change the batteries?

o             Does the flashlight feel good on your hands?

o             Do you feel the flashlight is light or rugged enough for your needs?

o             Check how the light switches on and off. Would you be able to switch the light on your pack? If you will be using the flashlight when wearing gloves in cold conditions, will you be able to switch it on?


How Does the Flashlight Perform?

There are various standards that flashlights are expected to meet. These standards have been set up to ensure flashlights are tested and rated in the same way. Manufacturers usually do their own testing and compliance to the standards is voluntary. However, the major flashlight manufacturers today include the performance data of their flashlights on the packaging.


The performance information include light output (measured in lumens), run time (measured in hours). impact resistance, beam distance (measured in meters) and water resistance.